pastel wall art in child's room

Pastel Nursery Wall Art

In the search for ways to decorate my son's room, I decided to design a set of wall prints with a soft colour palette and simple geometric shapes. The series of pastel nursery wall prints  are meant to offer a subtle yet playful backdrop to a child's space without being too prescriptive. 

Also in the same palette, I also added two cute educational prints to start them getting used to their numbers and alphabets.

The prints are available in a range of sizes from a small A4 all the way up to 70 x100 cm allowing for many framing options. There is a huge selection of frames both online and in the big stores at various price points.

Get a large print to act as a focal point on a wall or series of small ones to form your very own gallery wall. 

Of course, the prints don't have to be for childrens' spaces alone. They work well in any space where you want to add a touch of colour.

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