Giant Wall Planners

Giant Wall Planners

Wall planners are a simple lo-tech tool for project planning and time management.

There is something about being able to plan out huge chunks of time and see them in a clear graphic way. A paper wall planner acts as  an effective organisational tool, whether at home or in a work space.

I in particular like one with a whole year view. We often have appointments way ahead in the future and with a whole year planner you can set things out well in advance of them happening.

In an office setting, meetings, seminars, important dates can be marked out and so on. At home, you can mark birthdays, holidays, doctors appointment, exam dates and pretty much anything you can think of.


Some ideas for using a wall planner;

  • masking tape to mark out a block of time. You can write over the masking tape and you can also remove it without damaging the paper
  • washi tape- they come in pretty colours and patterns so you can colour code an activity or person
  • sticky notes- they also come in different sizes and colours allowing you to colour code and move tasks around as plans change and arrangements are altered
  • simple pens and pencils
  • highlighters to block out periods of time. You can also write over the highlighted area for a layered approach.
  • stickers- simple dots for example could be a reminder for a particular bill payment. 
  • Frame it- yes, some customers purchase an affordable picture frame with an acrylic surface and use wipeable markers to put their information on the planner. This way, they are able to wipe and reuse it. We have a laminated version of the DECO planner so you might choose this instead.

Our giant wall planners come in the A0 paper size. They are huge! The idea is that you have as much space as possible for each day. They are also minimal in terms of colour palette and design for absolute clarity. I want them to be a backdrop to your space.

The A0 collection

1. DECO - this maximises the size of the date boxes. There are no holidays or particular dates marked. 


The days are lined up, for example the 15th of each month is in the same column. This is handy if you have a task/appointment/reminder that falls on the same day of the month. You can highlight that an entire row for the year in one go.

It is also available in a tall vertical format if wide wall space is limited.

2. ROBOTS which lines up and highlights the weekend, thus demarcating it from the working week


3. PASTEL MATCHSTICKS for a bit of fun and colour.


4. Mid year versions- we have mid year versions of most of the planners for those that want to get going later in the year, that way you don't have months that you never use. 

5. Academic planners that start in September of ever year. This works for those in an academic or school setting as well as those that simply want a different starting point for their planners. 

6. Perpetual planners or 'any year' planners which are not year specific. The date boxes are numbered but the day is omitted so you can use them for any time of the year. Depending on your information input method, you could also reuse them for more than a year. Alternatively, there is a laminated version for use with wipeable pens. 

So this is my range of extra large wall planners. When you are done with them, before recycling, you could use the reverse side for brainstorming sessions, doodling, planning out the next year, an art project for the kids, anything! 

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